GPS vehicle tracking, GPS driver tracking, MobileTEENgps promotes safe teen driving.

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MobileTEEN's Mission = Safe Teen Drivers
Save Teenage Driver's lives, the lives of their passengers, and the lives of others on the road.
Reach and Educate Parents and Teen Drivers on the technology available to improve Teen driving habits and reduce negative events.
Offer the latest technology to Parents of Teen Drivers at a reasonable cost.
Provide Parents of Teen Drivers a very powerful coaching tool that is proven to modify negative driving behaviors with the goal of recognizing, reinforcing, and rewarding positive driving habits.
Facilitate Continuous Improvement of the delicate balance between trust and accountability for Parents and Teen Drivers.
Provide a positive "win-win" result for both Parents and Teen Drivers.
Donate a part of the proceeds to a select few partner organizations that focus on education and information targeted to Teen Drivers and their Parents.