GPS vehicle tracking, GPS driver tracking, MobileTEENgps promotes safe teen driving.

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Ordering and Installing MobileTEENgps™
Step 1:
Place an order for a MobileTEENGPS™ tracker online, giving us your account and billing information.
Step 2:
Your MobileTEENgps™ account is created and your order is fulfilled from Scottsdale, AZ, your tracker is placed in your account and shipped to you via USPS priority mail (2-3 days for most parts of the country).
Step 3:
Self-install the MobileTEENgps™ tracker behind the dashboard of car utilizing our Plug-n-Play Cable System. Or, you can have the tracker professionally installed by a stereo or car alarm technician. Please contact us for installation questions and support.
Step 4:
Login into the account that was created for you, using the information you gave us at the time of the order and view your MobileTEENgps™ tracker.
Step 5:
Setup your alerts to be notified of entries into a Geofence or Speed Alerts to be delivered via email or SMS.
Using MobileTEENgps™
Vehicle history captures vehicle and location every 5 minutes whenever the vehicle is moving. Use this information to coach your teen drivers and help them develop safe driving habits.
Parent can view the last reported location and location history of the vehicle by logging into the website from your computer ors smart phone. Navigation and use of the site is simple and straightforward!
Alerts are transmitted to your email or cell phone as they occur.