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Parent Feedback: Teen GPS Monitoring = Safe Driving
"I have been a MobileTEENgps™ customer since the day my 17 year old son earned his license, and found it to be a beneficial tool to monitor both how he is driving and where is driving. He is aware that the device is in his vehicle and it serves as a reminder that although driving provides great independence, he is still being supervised. I have recommended this device to friends and parents of students as a way to help keep their kids safe when the statistics show that motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death of teenagers."
Susan Kessler, Ed. D.
Executive Principal, Hunters Lane High School, Nashville, TN 37207
"A great little tool - it creates a connection between parent and child that wasn't there before."
Tracy, Mount Laurel, NJ
"Curbed my daughters speed and gives me peace of mind."
Eddie, Lake Mary, FL
"Very user friendly and working smoothly."
John, Wilmington, DE
"I am a single mother of two teenage drivers. I work full time and my girls are very active in after school activities, not to mention their social calendar. MobileTEENgps™ is my lifeline to keeping up with their whereabouts. If I can't reach them on their cell phone, I just call login and there they are."
Dawn, Atlanta, GA
"Scott has had some, let's say, growing pains behind the wheel. Recently he was very close to losing his license. He lives with his mother, but I pay his car note and insurance. After an "introductory period" and some sit down counseling, his driving habits have changed. It's like night and day. MobileTEENgps™ has been the key to Scott's progress."
John, Nashville, TN
"Our daughter Kaley is a role model kid. Straight A's in school, Volleyball team, Drama Club, always where she is supposed to be. She got a speeding ticket about a year ago, but we did not realize she had a full-time "lead foot" until we installed MobileTEENgps™ on her car. She drove for 2 years by herself before GPS. Now we know for sure she has slowed it down. Now we have peace of mind knowing she is safer behind the wheel.

Kaley is our only daughter. A cost slightly under a dollar per day to help bring her home safe each day ... is a "no brainer!""
Jim and Bonnie, Orlando, FL
"My son is always riding around with a car full of friends. I always have been trustworthy and lenient. Terry is a good kid. About a year ago one of his classmates was killed in a car accident. I decided to pay more attention. With MobileTEENgps™ I was able to show Terry that his driving behaviors were the same ones at play when his friend was killed. The alerts and reports are the proof-he is a much safer driver today. The other day he actually thanked me for helping to keep him safe on the road. Some of his friends parents have now installed MobileTEENgps™."
Kim, Naples, FL
Teen Monitoring = Increased Teen Driver Safety
Help keep your Teen Driver out of the statistics with MobileTEENgps™